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ProPlus Vision Provides high-grade security cameras that are based on the latest technology and possess international level designs and so far have installed the system in many prestigious places. The security cameras supplied by us include premium quality lenses and high-end functions to capture clear images.

CCTV Surveillance Camera

CCTV System Strategy & Designing system

We can design and tailor to any specific CCTV Security Camera installation requirements. We are authorised to get approval from government authorities as well.

Repairs & Maintenance

On-call Repair and Maintenance Service

A service agreement helps to maintain the reliability of your system and minimize the occurrence of emergency call out to repair faulty equipment.

CCTV Installation

Installation service by expert CCTV Technicians

An efficient team of technicians and engineers well experienced in the industry ready to help you quickly and effectively.

Innovation is Our Middle Name

Flexibility is the key to our offerings, and intrinsic to this flexibility, is the spirit of Innovation that we bring to our products and services – from the every stage of design to implementation and customer support.

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Home and Residential CCTV Installation Service

We provide complete CCTV and Security solutions for residential towers, villas and community compounds.

CCTV System for Office & Commercial Properties

Our expertise as a leading CCTV company in Salem caters to all your commercial  CCTV security system requirements.

CCTV Systems for Hospitals & Clinics

An intelligent CCTV Surveillance systems is an integral part of security systems in hospitals and clinics.









CCTV Surveillance Systems

With best technology in the field of Security Camera Systems we offer you a best quality of Security System, Security Surveillance & Home Alarm Security Systems service in Salem.

Security System

We are leading CCTV Camera Companies in Salem. We provide CCTV Cameras along with CCTV Installation, Security Surveillance, Under Vehicle Surveillance System

CCTV Camera

CCTV Cameras has been exceptional in designing high quality Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems that allows you to scan, record, monitor, capture the entire space of a vehicle’s undersides.